Oslob – Meet the gentle giants

A taxi driver offered to drive us from Cebu city to Oslob for 3000 Philippine pesos back and forth, which was very reasonable. It was almost a 3 hour ride going there but totally worthy. We arrived in Oslob just before noon time. We had a small briefing about the do’s and don’ts and right after we jumped in our lifejackets. Don’ts: no flash photography, no sunscreens, no petting touching or riding the whale sharks. Put in mind that people must also maintain a 4 feet distance from these lovely creatures. Three guides took us in a small boat/banka. There were snorkeling and life jackets available for you to use as well. We never saw a whale shark before and boy were they huge. Unfortunately we didn’t have any camera with us. After 30 minutes we then went back to the shore. Wonderful experience and highly recommendable. We had so much fun.

Whale Shark Watching (no swimming) – Php300
Swimming (Local) – Php500
Swimming (Foreign) – Php1,000

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