Manila Ocean Park

We arrived in the afternoon at around 2:30 PM at the Manila Ocean Park. It was both our first time and we were giddy excited about it. We took the 580 Php Peso worth Deep Sea Rush promo ticket which includes: The Oceanarium, Back of the House, Jellies Exhibit, Sea Lion Show, Sharks and Rays Encounter and the Symphony Evening Show. Since we had to leave Manila before 6 PM, we decided to skip the evening show. We first watched the Sea Lion Show, which was really entertaining. It started at 3PM. There were two sea lions that did amazing tricks with their masters. Tip, if they ask for a volunteer from the audience, raise your hand and make sure they pick you. I actually regret not raising my hand. If they do pick you to participate in the show, consider yourself to be very lucky. You’ll get a chance to kiss a Sea Lion and they will take a photo of that too. How cool is that? After that show, we headed to the Sharks and Rays Encounter which is just next to the place where they did the Sea Lion show. There were few Rays and only one lonely shark there. They do allow people to touch the Rays, however, the shark is untouchable. Then we went to the Jellies Exhibit, that was nice too. You get to see different Jellies and their varieties. The Oceanarium and The Back of House have a lot of aquarium displays with different kinds of fish, those kinds that you have never seen before. Overall, our trip was both fishy fun and educational. There are lot of food stands where you can grab a bite. We had the yummiest shawarma (Shawarma Station) we ever tasted in Metro Manila in one of the food courts there. If you’re running out of ideas of what to do in the city, we suggest you give Manila Ocean Park a shot. 🙂

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