Majestic view from Mt. Pinatubo

We were talking about climbing a mountain together and after some researches in the internet, we decided to climb Mount Pinatubo. If you haven’t heard of Mount Pinatubo yet, the last massive eruption happened in 1991. The second largest eruption of the 20th century. The effects of this massive eruption were felt worldwide. About 800 people were killed that time and thousands of people became homeless. But this didn’t stop us to explore this sleeping giant.

The night before…

We left Manila in the afternoon and thanks to Waze we found our way to Tarlac very easily. We chose Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham in Tarlac for the night as the location was just perfect. After checking in, we were excited to see our room. Our room was great but when we looked closer, we questioned the cleanliness. The glasses were dirty and we were hesitant to use it. The room however, had everything you need for the night. A nice kingsize bed, an aircon, a fridge and also a seperate sitting area. After a couple of beers and watching a series on our iPhone we then went to bed.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg
Bumpy ride with the 4×4

The sand dune ride and the hike…

We left early in the morning and were very glad for the arrangements of the friendly receptionist for cereals and coffee to start our day and to give us the energy for the hike. We went to our car and quickly searched for Santa Juliana, the meeting point where you meet the guide and also rent the 4×4 off road to tackle the sand dune ride. A guy from Boston, Massachusetts joined us and we saved a couple of bucks. After an hour we arrived at the foot of Mount Pinatubo, the hiking spot where we began our hike along the river banks. The hike itself was not very challenging as they weren’t any steep areas. We crossed a river, went through an area where you could still smell the sulfur which colorated part of the river and jumped from one stone to another to reach our destination.

FullSizeRender 3.jpg
The lake at Mount Pinatubo

The lake…

After an hour and a few breaks we finally reached the summit and were astonished by the breathtaking view of a picturesque lake bedded in the crater of the sleeping giant Mount Pinatubo. After taking several pictures of the lake from the summit, we went down to the lake. What a wonderful sight, absolutely tranquil and charming. We observed the scenery for awhile and noticed several dragonflies flying through the grass. Amazing how an active volcano turned into a lake. There is nothing much say but we enjoyed the place very much. After awhile we then saw some of the group leaving already and we also decided to go back. We then again jump from one stone to another, crossed the river and walked along the river banks back to the hiking spot where we started our hiking tour in the morning. After reaching the 4×4 we couldn’t hide our contentment and screamed “We made it.” What a moment of satisfaction, pride and joy. In a state of happines we jumped on our 4×4 and rode back to St. Juliana. We were extremely tired and tried to sleep during the dune ride but we noticed that our 4×4 didn’t have any shock absorbers and we felt every single stone on our way back. Our tour then ended in St. Juliana where we took a shower for a few pesos to get rid of the dust. All in all, what a great hike and a wonderful experience…

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    1. The hike was really great. We thought it would be hard but it was pretty easy. The view on the summit was fantastic. We never have seen a volcano before and it was a great experience. In one of our previous posts we wrote about 3 waterfalls in a day, the hike going to the falls was so hard. We couldn’t walk for a couple of days.


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