Best beds in Manila, Red Planet Hotels

Whenever we are in Manila, our first choice of hotels are the Red Planet Hotels. We came across this hotel by accident. We were driving back to Manila from our Bataan trip (we stayed in Las casas de Acuzar), it was a rainy evening and we didn’t find a place to stay. The challenge with Manila, being a prime location for hotels, is the room rate. The more central you would like to stay, the higher the rate gets. Since we are travelers on budget, we looked for rooms on and found Red Planet Hotel Aseana City in Paranaque. It got our attention because of the price and the location. We made the booking and immediately typed the location in Waze. The car park was just behind the building and there was an access straight to the hotel lobby. Check in went fast and smooth. The receptionist confirmed the booking with us and we couldn’t believe the price, it was so economical. Our room was located on the 10th floor. We swiped our key card on the electronic reader next to the door. When we entered the room we were stunned to see the simplicity of the room. Amazing. All you really need was in the room. A king size bed, a bathroom, an aircon, a fan, a TV, wifi, a safe deposit box and a fold out table attached to the wall. That was about it. Tired from our trip we jumped into their comfortable bed. In the morning we woke up totally refreshed and rejuvenated. What a great sleep, what an amazing bed! We went down to have breakfast. The restaurant was just located next door. Food was great and their coffee was the perfect jump starter for the day. After breakfast we checked out and still couldn’t believe the price and the comfort of the room. Even parking overnight was for free. Because we were so satisfied with our stay, we downloaded the Red Planet App in the appstore. When we entered the room the night before we were first suprised that there was no telephone but found out that the app had a function to directly call or chat with the Front Office. How convenient. We also tried Red Planet Hotel in Makati and in Ermita which we have booked through their app. We always get 10% discount on their room rate because of the app. Fantastic. When it comes to their hotels, they all have the same standards and the rooms just look the same. Incredible consistency. We couldn’t hide our satisfaction with Red Planet Hotels and consequently reviewed their properties on tripadvisor and rated all of them 5 stars excellent. Their managers Ms. Angeli U. (Hotel Manager of Red Planet Aseana City) and Frederick Santos (Hotel Manager of Red Planet Makati) replied to our reviews. Whenever we look for a place to stay in Manila, we look at each other’s eyes and say with confident, Red Planet it is. What is your favourite hotel in Manila?

Their rates without breakfast

Red Planet Makati: 1395 Php nett ~ 1408,50 Php nett (discounted already 10%)

Red Planet Ermita: 1602 Php nett (discounted already 10%)

Red Planet Aseana City: 1935 Php nett (discounted already 10%)

Red Planet App from the Appstore

Download the Red Planet App here


  1. Book the room through their app, you will get 10% discount on the room rate. You will also get discounts in their restaurants.
  2. If you would like to order food in your room, just chat with the Front Office through their app. They will send someone from the restaurant to your room to take the order.
  3. If you are looking for a phone in your room, good luck with that. Use their app, there is a telephone button where you can call the Front Office.
  4. If you made the booking already and have not checked in yet, you can already chat with the Front Office. You can request for early check in, usually they will grant this request since you are a member if you have their app.

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