Cagbalete Island

Our much awaited vacation starts right now. It’s a Monday, July 25,2016. We are waiting here in the Buendia terminal for the bus bound for Mauban, Quezon as I started writing this. Mauban is the nearest place to the port going to Cagbalete, Quezon. We were thinking where to go for a few days and we were choosing between a Sagada or Calaguas adventure. We did a bit of research and found out how bumpy the boat ride to Calaguas during this season would be so we opted to do a Cagbalete trip instead.
From Makati, we took a taxi to the Jac Liner bus terminal in Buendia. Had breakfast at Jollibee which is open 24hrs. The bus going to Mauban is supposed to leave at 4am, timings are 4am and 11am daily via Jac Liner, Inc. If you miss the bus, there are trips to Lucena as well but from Lucena you must take a van to Mauban. The from Mauban, you have to take a tricycle to the port.

The bus started moving at 4:15AM. At 4:50 AM bus stopped at Turbina. At 7:22AM we stopped at the Lucena Grand Terminal. I think the driver had his breakfast there, the bus stopped there for couple of minutes. At 8:40AM we finally arrived in Mauban. Now for the boat ride, we already contacted the resort in advance and they provided someone to take us there. At 9:19AM we were on our way to Nilandingan Cove in Cagbalete by boat. Arrived safely at the resort at 10:30am. It was the smoothest boat ride we have ever experienced, the water was unbelievably calm.

The boat ride going to Cagbalete Island
Some cloud formations on our way to the island

We paid Php 1,500 for the two way boat transfer, you just have to inform the boat man about the time of departure so he can pick you up from the resort. On the way back, same story goes. Boat, tricycle, and bus rides. Bus leaves at 2:30PM from Mauban to Cubao and 2:00PM from Mauban to Buendia.

If you plan to go to Mauban by car, they also have parking spaces available near the port. It’s Php 150 per night for a sedan and Php 200 per night for SUV.

As first time beach campers, the resort made it easy for us by preparing our meals. We availed the php 900 per person per day meal package which includes lunch, dinner and snacks on the first day. Second day meal package includes: lunch, dinner, snacks. On the last day we had breakfast and snacks too. We had seen the most beautiful low tide at the beach as well as the truly breathtaking sunrise in Cagbalete. Amazing beach, warm water, yummy food, awesome vacation.

Waking up early to see this amazing sunset

Tip: Go on a weekday and the entire resort is yours.

Want to experience island life and don’t want to spend a fortune? See the breakdown below

  • Jac Liner bus from Manila to Mauban-leaves at 4am, Mauban to Manila-leaves at 2PM (538 Php per person)
  • Tricycle ride from Mauban bus stop to port (10 Php per person)
  • 2way boat transfer, will take you directly to the resort (1500 Php)
  • tent (600 Php per night)
  • food package, which includes lunch, PM snacks, dinner, breakfast and AM snacks (2 pax, 900Php per person)

Total of a 2 nights stay for 2 pax: 5,616 Php

Check out their website at for reservations.

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  1. Oh my goodness .. what a place to vacation! I loved all of the photos .. especially the sunset and cloud hovering over the water. Thanks for sharing it with your readers!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh wow, it looks stunning there! So jealous, would love to go. And so nice to be away from the hustle of the regular resorts – off the beaten path is so much better!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It really was like paradise. We came there during the week and no one was there. We were scared during the night as we were the only people in the resort sleeping in a tent. But everything went well, totally worth it.


  3. Again I am amazed at the places! Your photos are beautiful (any filter?) Also your blog theme is nice too!
    Good on both of you to enjoy life to the fullest and traveling everywhere, enjoy!


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