Pure adrenaline rush – Tree Top Adventure in Baguio

During the Travel Expo in Manila we saw a booth of the Tree Top Adventure and were talking about visiting the place one day when we are going to Baguio. Finally in December 2016 we decided to go to Baguio and included the Tree Top Adventure in our itinerary. Tree Top Adventures is located in Camp John Hay, which is a major tourism and recreation attraction in Baguio. It used to be a station for personnel and dependents of the United States Armed Forces and United States Department of Defense. Going there by Taxi was very easy. Upon entering, we were required to attend a briefing on the attractions and the different packages offered there. We decided to take the package which included the Canopy Ride, Skywalk and the Superman Ride for 500 PHP per person. The Superman Ride is the main attraction and most likely also the scariest one. To go to the different attractions we had to walk through a forest.

Skywalk – 100 feet above the ground

The first attraction was Skywalk. We had to climb up a stair going to the viewing deck which was about 100 feet above the ground. We felt some tickling sensations already in our knees while walking to the viewing deck but when we arrived at the edge, our mind was blown away with some amazing views of the area. After taking severals landscape pictures and selfies we then went to the Superman Ride.

This way to Superman Ride
FullSizeRender 2
Are we really sure? Hahahaha

We followed the sign and after a short while we arrived at the tower. The staff attending this attraction were sleeping but were very accommodating and already cracking jokes when we climbed up the tower. It looked very scary already, 150 feet above the ground. The staff assisted us to put on our safety gear and harness. We then had to climb up a ladder to be placed on the two metal bars, superman style. There was no way out anymore, we had to go through it. And up we go! The first part of the ride was done backwards of about 400 meters on the zip line, super fast. We enjoyed the thrill and the view. Luckily we had our GoPro with us and were able to capture everything.  After reaching the other side, we had a couple of seconds to breathe and up we go again, this time forwards. Amazing. While writing this blog, we still feel the thrill. It was absolutely fantastic. After this attraction, we then went to the final attraction which was the Canopy Ride. It was more relaxing as it didn’t have the speed and the thrill like Superman Ride. All in all, a great place to experience the extreme.

For more information, check out their website http://www.treetopadventureph.com

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  1. I love ziplining its so much fun. I have done the superman position a few times now and its great fun, though quite scary!! We also got to go over a bridge with everyone rocking it trying to make us fall off and zipline upside down. Would love to try this one too when i get to the philippines 🙂

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    1. Being in a superman position is already intense. You have the feeling that there is no way out. It’s really great fun once you are relaxed and accept the fact that you are up there. I would hate that if someone would rock the bridge hahahaha but as long as it is safe i would enjoy it.


    1. It was really scary at first but when you are up there, you will enjoy it very much. We were a bit scared but at the end we can say that it was a beautiful experience. We can’t wait to do it again.


    1. We can only recommend this. It’s pretty safe. Our minds went crazy but when we were finally up there it was more exciting than scary. We would do it again, next time much much higher.


    1. Zip lining is really great fun. We have never done that before and it was scary at the beginning but once you are up there, you feel pure adrenaline pumping through your bloodstream. What an experience. You should try Philippines!


  2. I just did something similar in the Pocono Mountains for the first time and LOVED it!! There was one part where we had to jump blindly off a tree stand and accept that the line was going to catch us. Took me awhile to do that part but I eventually did. Zip lining is so much fun. Glad you guys enjoyed it. Your video is awesome!

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